Friday, September 22, 2006

California Clean Money Proposition

“The best democracy money can buy!” That’s the way our government has been described by some. Should we be proud of that statement? If we’re ashamed, then Proposition 89 is a good first step in tearing the price tag off our state.
Prop. 89 is about public funding of political campaigns in California. It’ll give candidates who don’t want to owe their office to big donors a chance to run. And if they’re not beholden to big donors, they can devote their energies to the voters - their base. This has been successfully adopted in other states (Maine and Arizona) and many early opponents have been won over.
It’s time we began taking back our government from those who think it’s for sale. It’s time to elect people who’d rather spend their time talking to voters than at fundraisers. It’s time to have legislation to benefit the citizens who make up this state instead of corporate donors and lobbyists who think democracy is an auction block.
Passing Prop. 89 will not create an idyllic democratic society, but it is an important paving stone on the road in the right direction.


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